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11:57 PM

HOLY COW! Thanks you guys for the Craiglist.com thing. I posted something this morning, and seriously, but 11 am, someone within 45 minutes of me, is selling me a HUGE 8 in 1 playsystem, like the first photo, but PINK PURPLE AND ORANGE!!!!!

I am looking to buy something USED, of course, for Livvie for the summer. As it has gotten nicer here outdoors, I've noticed that they swing-set we have for Avery is just too big for lil Livvie. I thought maybe, just maybe, someone out there might know of a place where I can snag something up like one of these.....USED remember....I'm looking for inexpensive, here!

If anyone knows of any options, please let me know! :) Thanks ladies! :)

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