Friday, June 1, 2007

Welcome June!

Avery has been counting down the days till JUNE got here! June, to her, means summer time, and swimming outside in our blue pool. Well, it's rainy and cold here today, so we had to make due with an "WELCOME SUMMER" pool party!

No lie...after these photos were taken, Avery went into the swimsuit drawer, and came out wearing one of Liv's 12-18 month swimsuits...AND IT FIT her! Eat, would ya Avery! :)


Mimi Lenox said...

An invitation from Mimi…….To: Saturday Photo Hunters
Many bloggers will be flying Peace Globes in the blogosphere on Wednesday, June 6, 2007. It is BlogBlast for Peace day - the second annual event. Please consider using your blog voice and creative influence on this day to participate. The theme for June 2 is ART - perfect for creativity with a peace globe perhaps? You can find more information about the movement at Mimi Writes or BlogBlast for Peace. I wanted to make you aware of the event. I really enjoy looking at your photographs on Saturdays. or
Thanks and peace!

LeslieW. said...

So much fun!!!I love the shades and the polka dots...Abby and Reese almost wear the same size too. It's funny how different kids can be.

Dena said...

What a fun pool party - you've got all ya need - towel, shades, suit - No worries! It WILL get warm and there will be LOTS of pool days!!! Avery looks too tall to wear a 12-18 month suit!

Kimberly said...

She did what? Man I knoew she was a skinny little thing but I had no clue that she fit into something liek that!

Liz said...

Cute pictures! Looks like fun. My Anna has the same towel! :)

Sue said...

How cute. You got some great pics of them. Funny with the bathing suits. Kayla could still wear 12 months in the waist. Not height though. Skinny girls. :) My girls have been enjoying the pool - we got lucky with some heat starting Memorial Day weekend.


Carrie said...

Wearing the same size huh? Sam and Julia wear the same size diaper and it makes packing the diaper bag a breeze. I'm taking 46 daytime diapers (Sam's Club brand) and 10 nighttime diapers (the expensive premium Huggies to Denver. If one kid needs an extra I can borrow from the other kids stash. When do you leave for WI again? Isn't it ironic that you, Jennifer, and I will be gone around the same time? Happy Travels!

p.s. These pictures got me thinking about shades for Julia. Thanks for the inspiration!


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