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What was your favorite baby item(s) that you could not live without?

I have been looking forward to this mommy talk topic! It's so much fun to share what things us mommies used to get through the first month or so! SO, here's my list! I LOVE THEM ALL! I'll try to put them in order of when they were used!

These were essential to me the first week. I had them in the freezer, and used them A LOT! I think every new mom who is going to attempt nursing should have these!

These two photos above are pictures of my best friends. My Ameda B-Pump, and my pumping band. I pump for Liv, so I use these items numerous times a day. I cut off the around the neck strap off of the band, and this is great! I remember being able to pump and feed Liv a bottle at the same time!

We've used the silicone NUK's for both our girls...They are wonderful for church, or out to eat!

Liv was particularly gassy the first couple of weeks, and giving her gas drops helped out a ton! We also switched her bottles from the Avent ones, to the Playtex Nursers below...

We just love this jungle crib music thing. When I first started putting Liv in her crib to sleep, I would place her so she could fall asleep looking at it. It was part of her night time routine, and it seemed to work really well!

Fisher Price baby papasan chair. Liv wouldn't sleep in her bouncy AT ALL, but when she snuggled up in here, so felt like she was being held and loved it!

Liv was born at the end of October, so we needed something extra warm for her car seat. I found the J.J. Cole Urban Bundle Me worked great! We didn't need to put her in a bunting every time we went out, because this was super warm for her!

We borrowed the Fisher Price Jumparoo from my friend Theresa. This was so helpful for us! Liv loves to bounce (ask anyone who has tried to hold her), so this was just up her alley!

We are using this Baby Bjorn bib right now for Liv. Whatever falls down, ya just scoop it up, and right back in it goes!

This is the BEST teether ever! Liv loves to chew on the wings, and she really likes it when we put it in the freezer for her!

So, there you have it! My list of baby-necessities! Hope you enjoyed!

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