My Thursday

9:58 AM

What a busy day I had...or so it felt. In the morning, I went and helped Megan with decorating the church and reception hall. My parents stayed with both of the girls for the morning!

In the afternoon, we went to Z'Kota for lunch, and then off to Walmart for birthday shopping! Avery picked out a Fisher Price Little People dinosaur set, a My Little Pony ballet studio thing, and a fun badmitten set that she calls "tennis". She had fun being spoiled by Bapa!

And, last night was the "date" that hubby and I went on to Megan and Jerry's rehearsal. It was quite odd to be away from the girls together for the first time in 8 months. I mean, we've been away when we've had to work, but never when we'd chosen to go out, like on a date. The rehearsal and dinner were a blast, and the girls had a fun time with Nana and Bapa too!

My parents are leaving today, and I wish they would stay longer. It's so nice to have them here. They have energy to do fun things with the girls when I don't. My mom will be coming back in a couple weeks for Avery's birthday celebration!

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