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Birth Story

I was due on July 14th, 2002. I began having contractions a couple weeks before then. Plus, if you know me, I was antsy and anxious to meet this baby! Needless to say, getting my membranes stripped 3 times, eating spicy Mexican food, walking daily, hot baths, and scrubbing the kitchen floor didn't get this baby out! My OB was going to be going on vacation around my due date, so that in combination with my contractions going no where, she decided that I could be induced on July 12th! I was very very very excited!

We had our induction scheduled at noon on July 12th. I was dilated to a 3 at check in time. They broke my water, and I walked for 2 hours with NO CHANGE. Then came pitocin. When people ask me about this drug, I tell them that it is "straight out of hell", because that's the truth! OUCH! The contractions began to come on hard. I decided to go into the tub, because, hey...on TV the tub seems to relax women and make it easier! Um...yeah, not so much! I told my nurse that I wasn't coming out until the epidural man was in the room with the needle in hand.

I got the epidural, and it was a tad better. But, for some reason, I could still feel the contractions, and they were HORRIBLE! I had what I call "butt contractions". It was just awful...really awful.
I got to 6 cm, and then stalled there. Avery's heart rate was doing some dips, and I was just done trying. I was in so much pain, that when my OB said "I think we need a C-section", I was overjoyed! They gave me some sort of medicine that made me super numb, and that was when I finally had some relief.

Back to the OR we went. They kept poking me and asking me "do you feel this" and my answer kept being yes. I guess my numbing meds weren't strong enough. They gave me another big dose, and then I couldn't feel a thing. Those meds did do a number on me, because I was asking the Dr. crazy questions the whole time. My husband was trying to get me to hush up because, after all, she was cutting me open...she did need to concentrate!

At 9:08 pm, our little angel arrived. I think she wasn't ready to emerge yet, because they had to use the forceps to pull her out. WOW...what an amazing experience. PG says it was like being in the "X-Files". It really was an out of body experience. She was 7 lb 3 oz, 19.5 inches long. The first question I asked..."Is it a girl"..."YES" the Dr said. Then, my next question was "Does she have webbed toes"..."NO" the nurse said!

PG held her and brought her over to me while they were finishing up on me. We just looked at her and were in love! When the surgery was over, they took out my epidural line and it was then they noticed that my epidural was kinked like a hose inside of me, and that is why I wasn't getting the right dose of medicine...nice...real nice...We took Avery back to our room where my parents and Gavin's mom and dad and sister were eager to meet our little girl...

I think next week is when I'll explain more about Avery's medical issues and our hospital stay with her :(

Olivia was due on November 2, 2006. I elected to have a repeat c-section because I think they are awesome! I will NEVER have a child vaginally after being able to have a c-section. They are FABULOUS..plain and simple!

My surgery was scheduled when I was 38 1/2 weeks, on October 24th at 7:00 am. We had spent the previous night in a hotel in BIG TOWN, and my parents came up from Wisconsin to be there to stay with Avery.

We got to the hospital at 5:00, and by 6:30 they were ready to take me back. I have to say that this time, the birth of Olivia was incredible. I would do it over and over and over again. The nurses were amazing, and they managed my pain so well. The ONLY icky thing that was painful for me was the catheter. That was not very fun at all...

Olivia Lynn was born at 7:09 AM on October 24th, 2006. She was 7 lb 4 oz and 19.5inches long. Again, my first questions were the same..."Is she a girl? Does she have webbed toes?" But this time, we were also looking to see if she was healthy and had all her body parts! She was here, she was beautiful, and we were blessed once again!

We brought Olivia back to our room where Avery and Nana and Bapa were waiting. It took Avery a couple minutes to warm up to Liv, but she did. We were a happy family of 4 now...what a blessing to have 2 adorable girls!

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