Friday Night OUT!

10:41 AM

We went out with our friends Megan, Jerry, and Ashley on Friday night to Applebee's! It was a fun time of catching up with them! Megan and Jerry are getting married on the 29th, and are going to be moving to Texas shortly there after.

We haven't seen Ashley much since summer began either. She's been busy working!

In all my times of going out to eat with my children (and we do it very often because we don't get babysitters) I have never had an experience like I had at Applebee's. Liv was tired, but because of the atmosphere she was wide awake and crabby. Plus, the mountain dew that I had the night before was making it's way through her, so she was WIRED! She was bouncing all over, wouldn't sit still, and wanted to touch everything. I was holding her with one hand, and trying to eat my salad with the other hand. I was glad to be able to eat out, but boy was I glad when it was over. Needless to say, Liv fell asleep in the car on the way back to our house....

Ashley, Megan and Jerry came back to our house for some Friday night board game fun! We played a fun little game (wish I remembered what it was called) and had more fun chatting. We don't have any photos of Avery from this night...oops. I guess because of the craziness of Liv, she was captured more often!

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