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What was it like going home from the hospital for you?
Did your baby have any medical issues?

With Avery, she did have a "medical issue". For her sake, I'll keep that private, but it was a horrible, emotional ordeal that we went through during the first couple days of her life. She was taken out of our arms, and put into the NICU. We had to do a 3 minute scrub to see our child each and every time. She did not feel as if she was "ours". We were at the beckon call of the doctors, and we had to follow their orders, and it seemed as if we had no control. It was awful - just awful... She had to have a surgery at 5 days old, which required her to stay in the NICU for 9 days. They were a very hard 9 days for us. I had to go home without my baby which was heart-breaking.

After Avery got to come home with us, everything fell into place. We got to bring her home on a Sunday morning, so on her first day home she got to go on a trip to church! Daddy had an afternoon nap with her, and we just marveled at our beautiful little girl all day long...


With Olivia, we were blessed with a perfectly healthy baby from the beginning. She got to be in our hospital room with us, and it was a wonderful time of bonding. It was like it was the first time all over again, because we didn't know what it was like to be in charge of your baby and have them with you in the hospital room. We changed her diapers, got to dress her in clothes, and "attempted" to nurse her as well.

We went home 2 days after Olivia was born, and it was a bit of an adjustment this time. I was really emotional which surprised me! My mother came home with us, and that was very helpful in caring for Avery as well.

We adore both of our girls, and daily fall in love with them over and over again...

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