A night out...courtesy of Sara

8:10 PM

My boss, Sara, called today and treated us out to dinner at G's...our FAVORITE resturaunt in town! It was such a nice treat for us, and I loved the time out of the house! THANK YOU SARA!

Liv enjoyed sucking on her hands, which thankfully kept her busy. She also played with Avery's Sleeping Beauty cell phone, something she has ben enjoying these days! Notice the crazy hair bow in her hair. I bought 2 of these after reading one of Carrie's posts!
Avery had her usual hot dogs, french fries, and a Sprite! She said "Mom...I'm not allergic to salt", and proceeded to pour salt on her meal. :) Notice the bun...even though she's not allergic to it, she still has to keep it off her plate.
Here's my man...We are both so photogenic! He had his usual meal...pollo asado, and a Mountain Dew of course! The shirt he is wearing he bought for our honeymoon...over 7 years ago. I think he needs to go shopping again...

And, me, greasy-pony-tailed-hair mommy who didn't wash my hair today! I LOVE the steak fajita's! I had 2 1/2 glasses of Mountain Dew...Livvie is going to be wild when that finally gets to her!
Afterwards we went to Ace Hardware and Walmart...Avery got a dinosaur toy(thank you Issac for introducing her to dinosaurs:>), Daddy bought a new shower head, and I bought a new smaller curling iron. Poor Livvie...she doesn't know that she's missing out on toys yet! :)

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