Friday, December 12, 2008

If you send me your Christmas Card....

I will put it up here on my blog.

McMommy was doing this, and I thought it was a GREAT idea!!!

So, if you send me your card, via email or via snail mail, it will show up here!

Please, puh-lease...send me your card??? :)



Leslie said...

You can put ours on but it is coming snail mail probably next week. I have had the pictures for a while but the letter part seems to be so hard for me to get done. godd job on yours.

Heidi said...

I sent mine out today....most of them anyhow, yours was one of the ones that made it out! Did you notice my comment about needing Josh & Kathryn's address? I don't have their latest and want to send one out to them. Can you email it when you have a chance? Thanks.


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