Christmas Cards, edition 7

9:21 PM

Hold Cards, batman....

I just LOVE getting mail....I LOVE getting Christmas Cards! THANK YOU to all who have been sending them!!! My wall is covered in photos of all of your faces!

Sugar sent me her adorable family photo...after 3 boys, she just had a little girl, named Olivia!!!
Our good friends Marc and Monica, and their 3 sweet bright eyed kiddos, Lydia, Julia, and Boaz!

I received this card via email from Michelle today! Thanks Michelle!

One of my bestest blog clients Laura sent me this card...
I had to take 3 pics of it, because it was just THAT cute!

My Grandpa Myron....I wonder who talked him into this pose...
A blog client, Emmy, sent me a photo of her beautiful kids...William, Lizzy, Thomas, and Mary Harbin!

My blog friend Darby sent the CUTEST card...I think I may just have to do something similar next year!
And, a blog reader of mine, Danielle....what a cute family!!!

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