Saturday, December 13, 2008

at least one of my kids is a good eater

Liv and I enjoyed some spaghetti for lunch today! She ate and ate and ate! I cringed most of the time because of the mess....but, she liked it, and kept asking for more "num num"...

Oh, and these are my FAVORITE treat right now! My old boss used to make us Christmas goodies, but this year since she is, after all my former boss, I won't be getting any delicious treats! Not to worry....Kathy had these on her blog the other week, and I hurried and wrote down what to buy, and I have been making them non-stop since! They are SOOOO good!

circle pretzels
almond bark

Put rolos (fat side up) inside the circle pretzels. Put in oven at 200 until rolos are beginning to melt. Then push pecans down on the rolos, and then drizzle with almond bark! YUM YUM!!!


Lilly said...

that sounds REALLY good, and also REALLY bad for my arm flab. haha. =)

MamaBear said...

Yum! We're making chocolate covered pretzels this year for the first time (hence my screw up the first time). We've since had better luck but ate them all within a few hours. I've decided to wait until the last minute to make our gift ones. We need to take a treat for after Sam's Christmas program and I think these treats look like the perfect thing to make.

Thanks for sharing!

We have one good eater and one not so good eater around here too. I feel your pain.

Amanda, John, James, and Jack said...

YUMMY!!! So going to do this!!

Andrea said...

Isn't it funny how kids are so different. Jarren won't eat hardly anything, but all 3 of my girls eat, and love, almost everything.

Heidi said...

They look yummy....maybe without the pecans.
Kind of like something we call "white trash". pretzels, chex cereal, peanuts and almond bark or white chocolate melted and mixed up to coat.

Sara said...

Hee hee Jennisa. I would have brought you some anyhow....after all, I still seek you out at times for "design issues....LOL" And, I know I'll always see you as a faithful shopper. Have you had my bugle treats yet? I will make some for you!

Lindsay said...

NUM!! thanks for sharing that recipe! I was directed here by MammaBear who said you had this delicious recipe up. Mmmm. i think I can even manage this. :-)


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