Christmas Cards, edition 4...and some other stuff, too!

9:46 PM

Only one card mailbox was in so sad...

BUT, it was a GREAT card, no less! My Uncle Poly and his wife Sue sent off a card! Look at their beautiful house? He built this new home in the country at "Poly's Land" (named after, um, him). My dad hunts there, my child hood dog Peaches is buried there, among the pine trees, and it's where Poly took some photos of Hubby and I after we got engaged. Lots of memories of "Poly's Land."


BUT, there was another package in the mail today, and boy was it a surprise!!! I designed a blog quite a while ago for a lady, whom I thought was just a mom who wanted a bloggie design! Was I shocked today when on the outside of the package it said "Author Gift" Hmm....who on earth? OMGoodness...she's a stinkin' author?...that is what I said. Look how fun this book will be...How true is that statement.....

And, I am very behind on the teacher Christmas gifts this year. I'll let you imagination wander as to what I'm making, but here is a photo of 2 of the items I'm using!


And, Piper is 4 months old today! Happy 4 months Piper!

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