Christmas get-together!

1:21 PM

We had our Christmas get together with our buds Dustin and Ashley tonight! We went to our favorite Mexican restaurant, stuffed our faces, and then back home for some fun!

Oh yea, it was -7 out....much colder with the windchill (I hear it's going to be something like -47 tomorrow with the wind

Dustin and Ashley brought over their pug, Jack. Piper and Jack had fun chasing each other around and playing!!!

Dustin and Ashley bought the girls this super cool 20 questions game, so they had fun playing that!

My sweet girls in their matching shirts....bad photo of Liv...

I got the girls each a little something to open up too, so they weren't left out! Liv got a Dora book,

...and Avery got a chapter book. She's reading through these books SO fast...

The girls had a BLAST with Dustin and very hyper! I hope the ALL sleep well tonight!

We had a wonderful time with our friends....we just like them so much!

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