Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Cards, edition 5

An AWESOME card day today! We received 9 total, with 6 photo cards!!! WHOO HOO!!! Enjoy!

My sister-in-laws brothers family...Jace, Sandy, Jacey and Jadyn!

Our friends, Rob and Tammy, and their kiddos, Rex and Nadia. Rex was born 2 days after Avery, and Tammy was a babysitter of ours when Avery was little!

My long-time friend Leslie (my maid of honor), and her family....

Jennifer, from "On Our Side of Life", and her adorable son Anderson (LOVE that name!)

Our bestest friends, Dustin and Ashley, and their puppy cool is this card?

Our friends, Jason and Andrea, and their 4 kiddos...Jarren, Maya, Karli and Kate. Jason and Andrea lived in the same apartment building as us when we were pregnant with Avery (and she pregnant with Jarren). She was Avery's day care girl when she was oh-so-little...

1 comment:

Heidi said...

You are soooo lucky...we are still only at 6 cards total and none the last 2 days. I just might have to find new people to put on our list for next people who actually send cards out. :-)


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