Holiday Barbie 2008

3:29 PM

It was one of the things on Avery's list this year that I was not going to get for her. For crying out loud, the thing was $40.00! A Barbie...for $40??? Sure, it is a Collector Barbie, but still....

Well, she got some Christmas money in the mail today from Grandpa Myron (Thanks Grandpa!!!). Same day, I saw the Holiday Barbie on sale in town. Guess what she had to go get? Yup! Bapa Craig threw in an extra $5, and we bundled up and went and bought her. Isn't she sooo fancy?

She really is very pretty...ya know, for a barbie and all.
Avery was SOOOO excited to get her out of the package and look at her. She kept saying "She's just so pretty....I don't want to stop looking at her!"

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