Sunday, March 30, 2008


I attempted to teach Livvie how to eat with a spoon/fork last night. I know...she's almost 18 months, and just now, right? Well, I hate mess. I hate watching my kiddos faces get messy, their hands all sticky, and then it goes in the hair, and geez....yuck.

But, her being a kid and all, I decided to let her try it. Gotta tell ya.....she loved it!

She also loved the bath she got afterwards too! :)

Later that day we tried spaghetti, and that was also a success! :) YEAH LIVVIE!


Lisa said...

cute pictures and i love the one blue eye i can see so well! :-) my boys are pretty messy still, but i had forgotten about this age. i dread the throwing stuff on the floor stage (over and over)!

Carrie said...

I'm with you on this one. Some say to give them forks and spoons early so they can practice, practice, practice, but I say wait until they're more coordinated and avoid the mess. Sam was Livvie's age before he started using a fork and spoon. Little Miss Independent has been feeding herself for months - won't let me near her with a spoon. She HAS to do it herself.

Oh and to answer your question:
We'll be about 30 minutes from our current home.

elaine said...


Just wanted you to know that I posted a picture of my new "ring" at the end of my post entitled "My Ephesians 5:25." Thought you might want to take a look considering your post from a few days ago.

Hope all is well...apparently, all is messy!


LeslieW. said...

That is the worst! So sticky and messy. But, it does keep them busy for a few!


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