Leave it to me.....

10:35 PM

to, again, be the "conservative, not very fun mom".

My kids, do not, and will not....ever....celebrate/believe in/go see the Easter Bunny/Santa.

Someday, we might give in, and let them wear a cute little outfit on the day that happens to fall on Halloween. That's one that we might, one day over the rainbow, give in to.

BUT, the birth of Christ, and celebrating His resurrection....that is something we will NEVER compromise with our family. No Santa and No Easter Bunny....PERIOD....

No, we do not believe that we are taking the fun out of celebrations. We have a wonderful Christmas, full of love, presents, and family. Also, we have a wonderful Easter...filled with love, Easter baskets, and family! They are not "missing out" on anything...

Avery is fully aware of what Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny are....make-believe.

She is also fully aware of many other, more important things...
the birth of Christ,
Jesus' 12 disciples,
miracles of Jesus,
What transpired Easter week,
Attributes of God - incomprehensible, omnipresent, glorious, all-knowing, creator, eternal, YHWH, wise, almighty, sovereign, attentive, faithful, unchanging, never-tiring, jealous, righteous, patient, merciful..... (yes, she knows all of those!)

Yes, she is a Pastor's kid. Yes, she does hear her fair share of the bible.

For some reason, I would rather teach my child about our Creator, her Savior, than read to her "Here comes Peter Cottontail"....

A Glorious RESURRECTION Day, to you all!

One of the songs Avery sings....
"Have you heard the news today....the giant stone has rolled away
Jesus lives! We can too! Have you heard the news!"

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