It made ME laugh.....

8:55 AM

Last night I went to get groceries, alone, with my new van/grocery getter.

I have to admit, I felt really cool....being high up off the ground, not being in a tiny 4 door with it's share of dings and scratches...

Then came as I was walking to my van, after getting groceries. See, I was REALLY looking forward to putting the bags in the back hatch, ya know, being a cool "grocery getter" and all.

I walk up to my van, which is still really clean and shiny. I park my cart behind the van, and then I realize....hmmmm...I have NO idea how to pop the trunk! I looked by the steering wheel for a pull thing....didn't find it right away....I walk to the back, and try to figure the thing out....nope, I couldn't.

My embarrassment level was now a little high (but was laughing at the same time), so I just decided to open up the sliding door, and put the groceries in there.

I have the owners manual in the house, and I plan on studying it today.... :)

I'm so silly.....

P.S. How cool is it, when you go through the drive thru lane, that you're high enough so you don't have to reach up to pay and get your food? Just another reason I'm glad we have a new van! :)

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