Ode to my old fridge

10:05 PM

Dear old mustard yellow ugliest fridge I have ever owned - fridge,

I'm so sorry to say that we no longer are able to use your services anymore. I think the 30 years that you worked for the owners of this home have done you in.

You have been a good fridge...despite being a really ugly color, and sticking out like a sore thumb in our kitchen.

My children have grown to love you, and even my oldest child was so sad to see you go today. She loves the color yellow, and just didn't like the idea of a replacement for you. I know how she feels. I mean, where else can you get a fridge with a "mustard fade to yellow" color? Yes, dear fridge...you were one of a kind...

I do wonder, however, how old you really are. There wasn't a date on your backside, but it sure looks like you were alive before I was born. Good ol' faithful!

We said goodbye to you as the Lowe's men loaded you up in their big truck to take you to a new "home". We hope you enjoy what's waiting for you there....

As for us, we are going to try really hard to enjoy our new fridge. She's a little darker than you, and a little more 'heavy-set', but I have a feeling she will grow on us.

New big black fridge....welcome to our home. You cost a pretty penny (for us, anyhow) and you better make us proud! Someday soon, you will have a new counter top that matches you, and some new fun colors on the walls that surround you.

Until then, I hope you enjoy your new home. I have a little girl that is trying hard to love you, and already another one that wants to rip your doors open...

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