I'm not going to South Carolina, after all....

10:06 PM

because the airfare is SO stinkin expensive!

Dena and I were planning my trip for my big golden birthday. I was getting excited, until I saw the $535 price...um, Dena, Leslie, LeAnn, and others....I love ya, but c'mon....not gonna pay that! :)

So, instead of my trip - all alone - to South Carolina for my birthday, we - my family of 4 - are going to my parents house to celebrate there!

So, those of you, and you KNOW who you are, who live by or near my parent's town, get your calendars out....

My family is coming on April 25 (Friday) thru April 28 (Monday).
We won't actually be there as I turn 29, on the 29th, but we'll celebrate like I was! :)

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