Monday, March 10, 2008

Another FUN contest!!!

(no, those are not my 3 chins...FYI)

Meet the newest member of our extended family! She is a Shi-Poo (Shi-tzu/Poodle) and my mom and dad are going to be getting her on Saturday! Isn't she precious????

BUT....she is nameless, and she needs a name! Here are my Mom's ideas,
and, we like Molly....

but if you have any other name ideas, let me have 'em! Their other dog's name is Sophie, so something that goes with that, I would guess!!!

You can oohhh and aawww all ya want...she's adorable! AND, she'll be coming to our house this weekend!!! FUN times!!!

And, in other I was home this morning, feeling like my gut was going to explode, my dear husband was watching Livvie, while taking out the garbage and doing other things as I lay on my death bed (yes....exaggerating a tad) Anyhow, my little Livvie decided to take a pen to my new, brand new, laptop computer. Yup...hubby got most of it washed off, but I tell ya...that girl of mine better get with it soon! :)


Jamie said...

Aaaaaw, she is so adorable!! I like Asia and Belle.
We had Cloe, Sadie and Winnie for girl puppy names. We ended up getting a boy, so we changed "Winnie" to a more masculan name.
(Tell your mom to steal any of those, if she wants)

Kim said...

Sophie and SYDNEY

MCK Mama said...

Okay, I will try thinking of a CUTE puppy name! Do we get a prize if your mom chooses the name we suggested!?! ;)

Oh, and I am IN LOVE with your new header...ESPECIALLY with the awesome shots you got of your girls. Way to go!!!!!!!!

MCK Mama said...

Okay, pass these along to your mom...I worked hard at them, looking at the cutie pie's photo, thinking about the other pup Sophie's name, and taking the new pup's breed and coloring into consideration, as well as the names your mom already likes, here are my picks:


Let us know what she picks!!!

Ashley said...

how about Bella...a mixture of some of the names! It's a cute little puppy name!

Anonymous said...

How about the name "SOONER"

Like she will "sooner" go potty in the house than outside
Grampa Craigie

Lilly said...

I like Neesha a lot...

"Stella" reminds me of seinfeld, if you've ever seen that episode. The other names are too human, maybe I only care about that because people often name their dogs Lilly, and then tell me about it, its slightly offensive but not really.

Buffie said...

My picks are not on your list:
Sadie or Spooner. I love spooner for a dog, hopefully she will be a good one! Plus, it was a line in a Jimmy Buffett song, who doesn't like Jimmy Buffett???

LeslieW. said...

LOL, you are so funny. I did not even notice those chins! Btw, edit hubby's name. Are you still doin that?

Dena said...

dude - whoever's three chins those are - i hope they dont read yo blog!

that puppy is ca-yute!

Tonya said...

We once had a poodle named Ava. I LOVED that name! Still do.. I think if I had a baby girl I'd name her Ava too. LOL! (Yes, I realize that was not on the list... that's just something I thought I'd throw in there) As for the names on the list already... I like Belle the most!

Kristen M. said...

She looks like a "Curly" to me.


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