still nameless, cute as can be, puppy...

9:55 PM

She's just soooo very cute! We thought my mom decided on a name, but nope...nothing yet! Mom has a long list of "maybes", but nothing has really felt right to her yet. Here are her final names (that I also like:)) Ellie, Macy, Molly, Bella, Emma, and PG and I like Chloe. Feel free to plead your case for what name YOU mother needs all the help she can get! :)
Puppy loves to snuggle.....I mean LOVES to snuggle. She is so soft, and has that puppy smell! Avery and Livvie have LOVED having her around. The puppy loves to sit with Avery as she sings her songs and reads her books. Earlier today, the puppy was chasing Livvie around downstairs and her little giggle was heard all through the house!

She must like us, because she sure is giving us lots of kisses!!!!!

Get ready to fall in love, Dad....this one sure is something special! :)

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