Wedding Extravaganza, day 1

11:13 PM

We're here in A-TOWN, AND, we brought along our laptop so I can still do fun bloggie stuff (in our spare time)! Just thought I'd show a lil' sumthin' sumthin'... Uncle Jon listening to my husband talk about none other than....This was also what they were watching.....seriously, sermons on vacation?

Nana Judy posing with her YUMMY dumplings and gravy! It has to be my favorite meal! YUMMY!

My sweet little terror, who is into everything here at Nana and Bapa's house....
The beautiful, Aunt Holly, and of course, the beautiful, Avery Joy!
Ahhhh....sister lovin!
Tomorrow is the bridal brunch/shower, the men's brunch, I'm sure there will be some decorating, and then the rehearsal and dinner....

oh's 11:23 pm here, and Livvie STILL isn't sleeping......urgh!

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