Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Look what Livvie learned how to do today!!!!

YEA for sippy cups!!!
She's a tad proud of herself, don't ya think?
**in other not so great, sad, awful, horrible, totally sucky news.... I would ask for prayer for a college girl that goes to our church. She received news on Saturday, that her father fell off a ladder while hanging Christmas lights, and landed on his head. He broke his neck, and injured his brain/skull so badly that they are going to be taking him off the breathing machines tonight. It's just so very sad...he is(was) 46.

**UPDATE...he did pass away at 3 am on Wednesday morning... Her name is Shasta...if you could send a prayer or 2 up for her family today, that'd be great!


Carrie said...

That is so sad. :( I lost my dad right before Christmas. It only makes it that much harder. I'll be praying.

(way to go Liv!)

Sarah said...

Horry for Livvie! We have that same cup with the three different lids, but we've had bad luck with those soft spout sippies, they get leaky on us real fast. Chloe went to the hard mouth sippies pretty quick, I betcha Liv will be the same way. And oh had sad for your friend and her family! I'll pray for them. I lost my dad to brain cancer when I was 16, he was only 40. There's never a "good time" to lose someone you love. I'm sure glad we have God's soveriegnty to rest in when we can't make sense of things.

The Birds Nest said...

Hoorah for Livvie!!! Those are some precious pics of her!! She looks very full of herself- too cute!! I said a prayer for Shasta. I'm so sorry for her unexpected loss.

Dena said...

Oh - that is soo sad - what a tragedy - I will prayer for her and her family

in better news - way to go Livvie sippy cups are the bomb!

LeslieW. said...

So excited for Livie! It must be the cute pink cup!!!

Can't put to words the sadness I have for your friend...I will definately lift her up today.

Melissa said...

Livvie is just way too cute with that toothless grin of hers!


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