Friday, November 2, 2007

6 years ago...

My Dear Avery,
6 years ago, mommy and daddy found out we were pregnant! What a surprise you were! We were so very excited! The nine months we waited to meet you went by very slowly! But, on July 12th, at 9:08 pm, you made your daddy and I the happiest people on earth. idea stolen from my friend, Jamie


Jamie said...

Does it seem possible that it was 6 years already?
The reason I remember with Jalyn, is because I spent Halloween night at the doctor, getting a blood test. They called the next day, and what do you know, I was already 6 weeks along. What a dummy I was, I didn't even know! Now Justice, I was right on top of that, I took my home test at 3.5 weeks and it was positive!

The Birds Nest said...

What a beautiful day in your life! I love the picture.

Josh is... said...

i remember the call.

yah, she's great.

uncle josh


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