Looking forward

8:38 PM

Our weekends have been busy lately, or so they have seemed. Both of us take turns working, then watching our girls, etc, not to mention being sick too!

We both are looking forward to this Saturday. I have this weekend off, so we are going to pay some much needed attention to the yard and hopefully put up our Christmas lights (before it gets too cold here!!!) We might even pick out the paint colors for the girls' room re-do! My parents are coming up here for Thanksgiving, and we're going to try to tackle painting the room then!!!! It's going to be sad to say goodbye to the fun walls that Avery has now, but we need to have something a little more "attractive", in case the day ever comes where we need to move.

If we're lucky, maybe even try to take Christmas pictures of the girls outside. It is supposed to be 50 on Saturday, so we'll see!

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