Food Therapy, Session 2

6:12 PM

Lucy came over tonight for our 2nd session with Avery. She was very impressed that Avery is now able to eat hot dogs and carrots that are in different shapes!

Our challenge for this week, was to face a chicken nugget (which in the past has sent Avery running to her room)...

Lucy brought her friend "Yummy" to our house tonight.

Bloggie friends, meet "Yummy"

This is a swallowing puppet...yup, a swallowing puppet. Yummy loves to try new foods, so she came with Lucy tonight so Avery could give her some new food.

Avery was brave enough to cut up a chicken nugget, to smell it, touch it, an feed it to Yummy. She didn't, however, make it "disappear" as Yummy was able to.

Our task this week is to put a chicken nugget on Avery's plate with each meal. This will hopefully get her familiar with it so she'll be ready to try it one of these years!

And, get this.....Yummy gets to stay with our house! Avery is so excited! Now, at each meal, she gets to feed Yummy too!

Anxious to see how these next 2 weeks go....

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