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With all the swim lesson photos of Avery, I felt like I just have to make a post about my sweet Liv.

Hubby and I have wanted to get her one of these Cozy Coupe cars since Christmas. They are around $40 in the stores.

Ya wanna know how much THIS Cozy Coupe was???

$3...yup, gotta love a bargain!

We got it for her on Friday night, and she hasn't wanted to share it since. She LOVES it! The best $3 I've spent in a LONG time!!!

Oh, and one more thing. Today was just a marvelous day all around. Nap this morning, swim lessons, yummy lunch, girls that were in good moods....ahhh...nice day!

So, I took BOTH girls with me back to the Aquatic Center tonight to have some fun! :) They both LOVED it, but poor Liv was shivering so much that we left after about 30 minutes!

I'm looking forward to what Avery will do in swim lesson #3 tomorrow!

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