Monday, June 16, 2008

Mondays are grrrreat days!

We had a fun filled day today! Daddy let me take a 2 hour nap this morning! What a wonderful start to the day. Then, we watched some of the Tiger Woods - Rocco Mediate golf show-down! That was fun! :)

Avery and I went over to the wading pool this afternoon, and had it all to ourselves! LOVE THAT! I think we'll try to make it something we do each Monday...Daddy has off, so he can stay home with whichever girl I don't take! :)

Then, Avery had her 2nd gymnastics class tonight! Daddy and Liv went with her as well as I, and we had fun watching her! We did decide that Liv will not be attending again. She's a crazy woman, and she's just too hard to control! :)

Tomorrow, we get our new stove and hood! We're so excited! Our kitchen will be one step closer to being finished! :)

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Leslie said...

I have been bloggy absent for about a week so I am catching up. Enjoy getting your stove. Hope the weather stays nice for you.
I love the Eloise outfit for Avery. Very cute.

LeslieW. said...

Awsome! New appliances are fun! What are you going to cook first!?

Becky :) said...

How wonderfully sweet of your husband to let you rest.
And even better watching Tiger win it.
I'm glad your day was good. Good luck finishing up the kitchen.


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