Week in review...

10:14 PM

It has been an eventful week...

a couple blog-worthy things I have forgotten to blog about are:

*Liv getting bull-dozed as she stepped behind Avery while she was swinging. The back of Liv's head hit the swing, and the other side hit the grass....hard...she's okay, thank God!

*Shopping for Avery's Eloise birthday party. We had a sample invitation printed, bought some fun decorations, and have gotten some fun ideas in mind. Nana Dianne even made her the most adorable Eloise uniform/outfit for the party...too too cute!

*Nana Dianne is here! She came on Thursday, and is leaving on Sunday. She brought Mesa (puppy) with her, and we are enjoying our time with both of them. My brother and his wife will be coming on Sunday night until Tuesday.

*My husband is performing another wedding tomorrow of a young couple from our church. Mom is going to watch the girls, and hubby and I are going to enjoy some freedom...I'm gonna come home and get Avery for the dance though...she likes to 'shake it'.... :)

*Liv got hurt again today...None of us saw her, but we think she tripped and did a face plant into the wood floor. Her mouth was a bloody mess...thank God hubby and my mom were here. She sliced that skin thingy that connects your top lip to your gums. Poor Livvie. She has a nice fat lip, for sure. I told hubby that I'm not cut out to be a mom of this kind of child...one that is so messy, active, and accident prone. I love her to pieces, though.....just wish she'd settle down a bit! :)

Think that's it! Have a great weekend everyone!

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