Saturday night Wedding

11:05 PM

It was such a beautiful day outside...a perfect day for such a pretty wedding....

Isn't Libby just beautiful?

We got pretty rowdy with our friends Ashley and Dustin...good times....

My family. Livvie stayed home with my mother. No way we could have sat still with that little tornado on the loose!

Love my Avery!

Mmmm...carrot cake....good.....

The bride and groom!

Avery and I shakin' hubby took this picture...not sure why he cut my head off, but whatever! He was probably just flustered by the way his wife was movin' it :)

This was one of the most beautiful flower girl dresses I've ever seen! Check out the flowers in each layer of the bow! It was so pretty!
With all the fun we had, we still got home by 8:45...we stay out so late, don't we?

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