The next round of our visitors!

6:29 PM

Uncle Josh and Aunt Kathryn arrived at our house on last night! We started off with a fun day on today! Lunch out at our favorite Mexican restaurant, and then...BOWLING!!! I was SHOCKED when the man at the counter told me that Liv could bowl. WOW!! What fun we had!

This was Avery's 2nd time bowling. She still hasn't gotten that strike, but she's working hard at it!

Uncle Josh helping Livvie out!

She loved to push the ball off that ramp thing. She'd just stand there and watch the ball roll...

and then realize that this bar thing was kind of fun to hang on, too...

And, the lane too tempting not to try and crawl on it!

Avery, of course, picked out a PINK ball!

This time, she would set up the ball on the ramp, run back to where we were, and then get a running start to her ball. I guess that gave her extra "pushing" strength!

When it wasn't Livvie's turn, she just walked around.....she is looking more and more like a big girl and not my little baby anymore!

Chattin' it up with Aunt Kathryn!

Avery has her first gymnastics lesson tonight, so we're SO excited about that! I'm sure I'll be back with more pictures! :)

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