Swim Lessons #2

4:17 PM

My little water bug was SO excited for lessons today! I gave her a pep talk, and tried to encourage her to try everything that Brittney asked her to do, and not say "I don't want to." Take a look at what she accomplished today!

It took a little while to warm up to the water today...
Look how deep she is!!! She's in up to her armpits! That's HUGE!

Not only is she in up to her arm pits, but she left the wall...OMGoodness!

She also went deeper today with Brittney. She practiced doing her "cheetah kicks" and her "ice cream scoops". Gol, when I was a kid, it was called the front crawl...

"Look at me mom!" I was SO proud of her today!

She put her chin in the water 6 times in a row, but wouldn't put her lips in at all. She needs to work on that, and also floating on her back...we'll see what tomorrow brings!!!

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