Monday, June 9, 2008

Nana's visit!

We had a very fun time with Nana Dianne! We wish she didn't live 5 1/2 hours away, that's for sure!

Nana made Avery her Eloise birthday outfit, and Avery got in on learning how to sew a little bit!

We were outside a lot. Sorry Bapa Ron....the girls LOVE this John Deere tractor thing that the next door neighbor boys have!

Our neighbors puppy Miley LOVED playing with Nana's puppy Mesa

Avery showed off on her new Ariel bike.

I dressed the girls in matching shirts for Church on Sunday, and had to take some photos of them!

And one with Nana Dianne! I put 3 different photos together to get this one, so when you see that her neck is all "off", that's why...I didn't want to spend anymore time on it! :)


Jamie said...

Cute pictures, those outfits are adorable.
Good job on the heads, I never would have known the difference.

The Birds Nest said...

I wish Nana Diane lived close to me and could teach me how to sew!! Cute pics!! Love their little matching shirts!!

Kim said...

They are cute pics! Did you edit the last pic?


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