gymnastics class ~ lesson 1

9:32 PM

I took Avery to her very first gymnastics class tonight. She had an hour packed with fun! There are WAY too many pictures here...this I know. Daddy and Nana both weren't there, and I'm sure they would like to relive our hour of fun with us! :)

Avery did very good hanging onto the bar all alone!

This is one of her favorite things to do there! Hang on the bar, and then.....

drop into the "pit" full of foam squares!!!

There is my lil' gymnast!

Learning how to do a back somersault!


Trying to get up on her hands...still needs to work on that one!!!

Front somersault!

Gol, I just loved watching this little girl all night!
Check THAT out!!! Those who know Avery, would think she would be to scared for this, but NOPE...She LOVED it!

"Avery...what did you love the MOST tonight?"
"EVERYTHING", she said!!!!!

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