Thursday, January 15, 2009

she qualified!

in past posts (here and here), I've spoken about Liv and how her language hasn't quite come yet. At Liv's 2 year appt in October, her doctor told us that we should start to look into it.

Liv had her hearing checked, and that was great.

Last week she had a full evaluation from the Birth to 3 program.

Yesterday we went over the results with the team who evaluated her.

Liv scored high in most areas of the evaluation, except for her expressive speech. Therefore, she has qualified for FREE services!

We will be having a speech teacher come to the house weekly until she is 3. We are hoping this will help her in developing her speech!!!

We love you sweet Liv!


lori said...


Heidi @ Tayterjaq's Rebels said...

That's great! Free is always a good thing. I hope it helps her a bunch.

Lisa said...

Grace qualified for a simular program (called ECI in Texas). We have someone come to our house once a week for 45 minutes. Grace has made a ton of strides! We couldn't be happier with the program. I hope you have a great experience too.

We are actually in the process of getting her into the school system since she turns 3 in one month! I'm hoping she qualifies b/c they will go for a few hours a day once a week. And I think that would make a HUGE difference.
Good luck!

Andrea said...

Maya qualified for something like that here. It was amazing what a help it was to her and our family.

Jen @ Amazing Trips said...

Good for you, jumping on it.

My girls (age 4) have never spoken as "clearly" as their brother (also age 4) and I figured it was a "multiples" thing. But recently, I've began wondering if there really IS a speech issue with them and I am now on a (LONG) waiting list for evaluation.

Honestly? I'm KICKING myself I didn't look in to this two years ago. Not just because they would have qualified for free services (!!!) but because speech problems are definitely one of those things you want to catch and correct early.

Good luck, Liv!!


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