Thursday, January 22, 2009

Heat Wave!

Here in the Midwest, 30 degrees is a super nice day for January! With temps being at -26 last week, 30 degrees seems like t-shirt weather!!!

With it being so gosh darn cold in these parts, my girls haven't been out in the snow yet this winter. Today, we finally went out. The snow was so very deep in our backyard that we didn't last long. It sure is hard trekking through 16 inches of snow!!!


Heidi @ Tayterjaq's Rebels said...

Looks like lots of fun. I hope things are better than the post from the other day. Sometimes I wish we would get a little bit more snow here. At least enough to play once in awhile. We just get the freezing temps but none of the perks. (snow) Any snow we get is a dusting that is gone by lunchtime. The funny part is anything over an inch gets school cancelled.

Dena said...

look how cute!

Lisa said...

I can't imagine! It got up to 80 degrees here today in the Big D! But it will be back with a high in the 40's on Saturday... but that is like laying out in your swimsuit weather for you guys :)

No really enjoy your "warm front"! If only Emma could see her first snow... maybe next year!

Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

I love Piper's coat! So cute!

Jennifer said...

Hi Jennisa. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I did get my blog "pimped" by a girl who actually just started doing them several weeks ago so her wait time was just a few days. I do love your stuff though and have appreciated all your help.

"Mighty Max"

Jamie said...

Our weather teased us this week too. We had one day of 30, and thie weekend, it's back to wind chill advisories. So not fair!

Wibeche og Rune said...

So cute:)

This is my first time I visit your blog, and you have an interesting blog:)

Be welcome to visit ours.


Danielle (Life with the Hewitt Family) said...

Looks like a good time...too bad the "warm" weather didn't last too long!


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