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after reading the comments left on my last post, I decided to take this jury thing into my own hands! I called in this morning, and politely said, "Hi...this is Jennisa. I was supposed to come in this morning for jury duty, but I'm sorry, I can't. My husband is a full time pastor (yes, I played that card) and I have to stay home with my children." The Clerk told me, "Um, yes, the judge will release you this time, but the next time your jury is called, you will have to find some sort of day care." Did I mention that this jury duty period lasts until the end of February? grrrr

I picked Avery up for lunch yesterday and she asked me,
"Mom...can we take Jerrett out for lunch soon?"
Then, as we were driving to the restaurant, she told me "the news"...

"Mom", she says, "He likes me, and I like him.
So, that means were boyfriend and girlfriend."

"Oh", was all this mommy could muster up.

"Mom...please don't tell Daddy, okay?"

"Um, okay..."I said.

"And, I wrote him a letter that said that I L-O-V-E him!
He got so embarrassed that he threw it on the table!"

Nice....real nice....

I've been a chatty Kathy with some friends over the past month! Did you know that you can now CHAT through google??? If your computer has a webcam, and you have a gmail address, then you can chat with me!!! Check out who we chatted with tonight...

My mom....

Happy Friday to you all!

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