Olivia's 2 year check-up

11:45 AM

We ventured out in the cold today for her 10:30 appt., sick and all. Every year at this time I wonder the same thing....why on earth do we live where it gets this cold?


Liv's stats:
Weight: 23 lbs (10%)
Height: 33 1/4 in (50%)

We have been concerned about Liv's speech, or lack there of, since her last appt at 18 mths. Today, our Dr. made her recommendation to have Liv tested in BIG TOWN for her hearing. Could be nothing, or could be that she's not hearing the high and low frequency's of our voices. She was especially concerned with the way that Liv says "yes".....

So, we'll have that appt, and then we will also be doing a program for birth-3 year old children who need help in certain areas. Liv will get speech help, I'm sure!

So, in the long run, it will all be good, but right now, we're just not sure what the problem is!

I told hubby that her not hearing well would sure be a good excuse for her being so disobedient and not listening to the word "no"! ha ha!

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