Liv's 2nd birthday!

9:04 PM

Well, Liv is 2.....she's finally 2. She's been acting like a 2 year old for many many months, but officially, she is 2. She has her 2 year check-up on Monday, so i'll be back with her stats then.

Here is how her 2nd birthday went...enjoy!

Liv got a wonderful card in the mail from Nana Judy and Bapa Ron, so she had to sit and ready it (and add her own artistic touch)!

Nana Dianne came up for her birthday, so we all went to our favorite Mexican restaurant to celebrate!

Liv is trying to tell you here that she is "2" :)

We LOVE the chips and salsa!

My sweet little 2 year old Olivia!

After out to eat, we came home for presents and cake!

She LOVED all her gifts so much!

We took some photos (the girls were pretty hyper by this time)

Our family....all 5 of us!

Liv blowing out her candle on her big cookie cake!

In all of the cakes I have made for the girls birthdays (8 total), this is the first time that one of them actually ate it. Liv loves her chocolate!

What else for party decorations would we have, but horses of course!

Hope you all had a wonderful "Livvie's birthday"!

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