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Okay y'all, so we did it.
Not sure what I'm doing, or why we (I) decided that we (I) wanted a dog,
but we're dog owners.

She is just the most precious thing. She is a shih-poo.
Her mama is a black and white shih-tzu, and her daddy is a apricot toy poodle.
She was born on August 17th, so that makes her just over 8 weeks old.

Avery LOVES her, Livvie is interested in her,
hubby thinks she's cute, and I love her (along with second thoughts...normal???).

Oh, you want to know what her name is?
Well, hubby decided on that one.
Her name is Piper.
Not because Gov. Palin has a daughter named Piper,
but because his life has been greatly influenced by John Piper.

She's super tiny, and can fit through our gates we have up.
She's piddled outside 3 times, and inside 5 times (oops).
Trying to figure it all out, I guess!

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