Avery's funnies....been a while, hasn't it?

8:56 PM

Avery drops her bowl of animal crackers on the floor....

Avery: "Oh no...I dropped my crackers Mommy!"
Me: "Okay, just pick them up and put them back in the bowl please."
Avery: "Okay. Picking up after yourself is being a "good citizen". {smile}

Avery wants a cup of Sprite before bedtime....

Avery: "Mom, is it too late to have Sprite?"
Me: "Yes. It's actually past your bedtime, young lady."
Avery: "But Mom, I really want to have sprite!"
Me: "I know, but my answer is no. You need to go to bed."
Avery: (pretending to cry) "But Mom, that's not what Mrs. S says at school."
Me: "Um, what did you say?"
Avery: "Well, uh, when I drop my tissue into the trash, and I need to get another one, she just says 'go ahead and get another one Avery'."
Me: (hmmm...trying to think of how this even relates) "Avery, how about some juice instead?"
Avery: "Alright...I guess juice will be fine."

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