We're back...

8:21 PM

from a refreshing time in A-TOWN! Lots of shopping, sleeping, EATING, laughing, talking, and trying to keep my eye on both of my girls at the same time...
The weather was a bit icky, so we didn't get to go to the County Fair...ho hum...

We did manage to swim, but only lasted about 15 minutes till Avery was shivering too much that she needed to "go put on some long-sleeves."

We were glued to the TV for 2 nights...for High School Musical 1, and then on Thursday, for High School Musical 2. Apparently we weren't the only ones who watched it...check out these stats:

High School Musical 2’s TV debut was
- The most-watched basic cable television program of all time.
- The most-watched basic cable movie of all time.
- The highest-rated television program ever for children age 6 to 11.
- The most-viewed Friday television telecast, cable or broadcast, in the past five years.

Here is Avery in her High School Musical shirt, with her new Gabriella Montez doll (that sings)!

Liv discovered her voice. She loved practicing it out all the time....especially in church! She is such a little busy girl. She kept getting away from us and getting over by the dog food. She didn't eat any, but Daddy did have to fish a piece out of her mouth! Here is Livvie with Libby...cute huh? Livvie and Libby!

And, here are my 2 gals at lunch today before our trip home! We had a very fun time, but it is nice to be back at home...

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