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I know it. I've been slacking with the whole blogging thing. There hasn't been one big thing to write about I guess. So, I'll just babble for awhile...

Liv is almost walking. She can go about 7-10 steps, and then gets so happy and proud of herself that she plops down. Avery walked at 9 months 1 week, and I really didn't think Liv would be anywhere near ready. As I always say about this girl, she has never been content with where she is in her little life...always wanting to do the next thing.

She is also a very busy girl who likes to get into everything. She loves phones, watches, remotes, and especially likes cords. She keeps me busy, that's for sure.

Liv's hair grows more and more each day! It's so odd how kids can be so different....Avery didn't have this much hair till she was almost 18 months!

I haven't been very successful at my Ebay attempt to buy clothes. Everyone on there pays so much for everything, and I lose out. Oh well...

My blog design stuff is going great. I think I've done 3 pages, and I have more to go. Thanks to all of you who send them my way! I've really been enjoying it!

Avery is great too. We've had 2 "Mommy - Avery" days in the last 2 weeks, and it's been fun to be with her. It's crazy how I feel like at times she's my best friend... We've bought her first school backpack, and are eagerly waiting for the preschool letter to come in the mail with the supply list and start date!

I haven't been very good at being a house wife lately. My husband got groceries last week, and did the laundry for me. What is it with me being a stay at home mom, but not getting any thing done at home? I just look around at the dishes, or the clothes, and the last thing I want to do is pick up! Urgh...I must need motivation or something! Do they make a pill for that?

All right...there is my life in the last week or so. Hopefully I'll get some good pics of the girls one of these days...

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