An award from awesome Dena!

4:09 PM

Dena thinks I'm pretty swell...I think she's darn right great, so DITTO to you Dena! She gifted me with a bloggie award! Thanks Dena!
( This award is for those bloggers who are nice people; good bloggie friends and those who inspire good feelings and inspiration - Also for those that are a positive influence on the blogging world....Once you've been awarded feel free to pass it on to those you feel are deserving!)

Here's what Miss Dena said about me: "Jennisa - Not only is she one of my BEST bloggy buddies but she is the PIMP YOUR BLOG MASTER for all of my friends!!!!"

Now, it's my turn. Who are bloggers that I think are super nice? Well, here is my list of my "nice matters" bloggie award winners...

Jamie She's a friend from high school that I just recently got back in contact with through the Internet. She is a super sweetie, and a for sure "nice matters" bloggie award winner!
Amy Just clicking on her blog makes me smile! She is just an adorable person, and I love reading about her family! I met her in bloggie world, and she is just a really great gal who deserves the "nice matters" bloggie award!
Jenn Another mommy I met in bloggie world! She is a very gifted writer, and she is such an honest, loving, Godly lady. I feel like she is just a very 'real' person. AND, she just moved into her first brand new home! CONGRATS! She also is getting my "nice matters" award!

AND, just so you know Dena....if you wouldn't have gifted me with this one, YOU would have been at the top of my list, you blog-tastic buddy of mine! :)

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