S-L-O-W down Livvie...you're growing TOO fast!

12:32 AM

When I left for work this afternoon, Liv was a crying mess. She was sooooo sad that mommy was leaving. I just hated that, so I went into the garage and brought her in a small bike that we had. Avery got this for her 1st birthday, and I didn't quite know if Livvie would know what to do with it, but what the hey, right? It helped distract her, and she stopped crying.

When I got home, I asked Daddy if Liv liked playing with it, and he said, "Oh yeah! She figured it out right away, and even stood on it!" When I looked at him with my mouth WIDE open, he promptly said "But, it's okay...she'll be fine!"

Livvie decided to show me her moves tonight. Keep in mind...this is only a 10 month old...

Ummm....what do you think you're doing?
seriously...this isn't very safe Livvie...
Avery thought it was pretty funny! Liv liked pushing her around!

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