11:26 PM

Today we had our Christmas program at church! :) Avery and Olivia were Angels!

All of the kids did such a great job! It was very fun to be a part of it! Nana Judy and Bapa Ron surprised us and showed up for it as well! What a fun treat!

The girls wore their adorable dresses today. This is the BEST picture that I got of them...sigh...

And, here is Winnie. She deserves a whole post by herself, but this will have to do! Winnie is an F1B Mini GoldenDoodle. She was purchased by a family in Omaha from a very well known place in Iowa. This family was very busy with 2 full time working parents, and 3 kids that were in activities nights and weekends, and poor sweet puppy was in her kennel most of the day! So, I answered an add, and out of 26 emails that responded to her, we have her! :) (yes, she needs a haircut, but isn't her coat just stunning? :)

And, where we live in the Midwest, it is unheard of for it to be THIS nice in the middle of December! My child had cropped pants on and no coat today! Her and Winnie had a great time playing outside today!

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