the story of Winnie

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I figure that our little Winnie deserves her own little post, just about our journey to her! :)

This is the picture I first saw of her...

I answered an ad that was listing her for adoption. She was 5 1/2 months old, and was in a family that was very very busy, and she spent most of her life in a kennel. She was listed as a F1B Mini Golden Doodle that was purchased at Sandy Ridge Kennels in Iowa.

When I read the ad, and saw her picture, I wrote to her owners right away, and sent a picture of my girls. Good thing I did, because it turns out that they had received 15 responses to their ad just that night. They offered her to us, and we had to say no because of the high price tag they wanted for her.

We began looking into another little puppy that was 8 weeks old. She was a cockapoo, and was so very cute. We started getting attached to her, and her owners would send videos and pictures daily to us. I started doing research on cockapoos, and after looking at the pictures of her (she looked very Cocker) I asked the owners if she was shedding at all. Turns out she had begun to shed. very sad...

The same day that I was emailing with the cockapoo's family, I received another email from our Winnie's family. They ended up having 26 responses for her, and everyone echoed what we told them, about her being too expensive.

The family realized they were going to have to sell her for much less than they paid, and came back to us first because they really wanted her with us.

I asked for more recent pictures of her, and they sent these 2

So, came the decision that was so hard to make. Do we take the chance with the cockapoo that we have grown attached to, that our girls have begun to love? Or do we make the decision to go with a puppy that we know will not shed, and be the best for our family?

After a lot of tears, we realized that we could NOT have a shedding dog at all. So, we had to pass on the cockapoo, and move onto Winnie. It was so hard to tell the girls that we couldn't get the little cockapoo, but they understood through tears...

After a lot of questions back and forth with Winnie's family, we felt ready, and we said yes. She sent us some more pictures of her as she was growing up...

We then arranged to meet half way between the owners house, and our house. The owners were going to give us everything that they had purchased for her, and also get her groomed for us!

We woke up super early on a Saturday morning, and drove to get her. Boy were we excited! After meeting her, we were smitten! :) She was a huge fluff ball, and we soon realized that she was a hyper puppy!

After getting home, it was rough. The first 2-3 days were just not good. She was used to being in a kennel all the time, but at our house we let her out with us. She was so hyper, and peeing everywhere, and she! I think she finally crashed on the 3rd night.

We got her groomed again, because she was panting so much, and was just way too hairy!

And, now after having our Winnie for about 2 weeks, and having her meet our families, we can say that she has settled down a ton. She is used to us, we are used to her, and we are going on 3 whole days with NO ACCIDENTS!

We love our Winnie, and are excited to watch our girls grow up with her!

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