Avery's Concert Highlights

11:16 PM

Avery's Nana Judy and Bapa Ron surprised her with a balloon delivery on her special concert day! She was SO very excited! Nana Dianna and Bapa Craig also gave her some balloons, so our house is full of them still! :)

There was a coupon in the mail for JcPenney's, so we went and got Liv some new warm gloves. She calls them her "sweaty gloves" because they make her hands sweaty. :)

Before concert time, we did a little photo shoot with the girls! ;)

and, when someone tells Olivia to "work it", boy, she thrives...

at the concert...lots of nerves from all of us. Nana Dianne and Bapa Craig came from Wisconsin for the concert, and we had friends from church who also came! Avery was very nervous for her special part, and so was her family!

But, she got up there and rocked it out! :) We were so proud of our little singer!

Some of her friends had parts....David played the bells, and Kylie played a snowman!

Avery's music teacher and her. She is a very special teacher, and our school is beyond blessed to have her!

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