Olivia's Christmas Concert

11:23 PM

Olivia had her Preschool Christmas concert with her little class today! It's always so fun to watch this sort of thing! :) Daddy made the comment that "see....none of these kids are singing with their "r's"....I guess Liv's not the only one still working on that skill! ;)

Here she is walking to the risers with her class. Her special guest today was her friend Sarah, and I think she was more excited that she came over her mom and dad!

Here is her class!

At the end they sang Happy Birthday Jesus, and they all got a chance to blow out the candles!

Here is Liv with Sarah! She even brought a gift for Liv, too! :) So nice!

Liv with her teacher Ms Chelsea and Ms Chris

Liv with the director Ms Lacie, and her friend Zoe

It was a fun day! :)

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